Writing Your Own Eulogy...Good Idea?

Working part-time for a funeral home, I often listen to many eulogies given by family and friends of the deceased.  I often think to myself, what will my family and friends say of me once I have left this world for the great beyond.   There is one memorial service, which will always stand out in my mind.  The family was of Spanish descent.  Mr "G" was 91 years and passed away from a heart condition.  He had four daughters and one son along with  a very large extended family.  As expected, the family was very upset as the services began.   An hour into the service, they invited guests to stand up and tell of a great memory they shared with Mr. "G".  Within 5 minutes, hearty laughter filled the room and over 30 people stood and spoke.  This "laugh session" went on for almost two hours.  It was so wonderful!   Mr "G" had also written a few thoughts to be read upon his death.  His son read the brief eulogy written by his dad.  It was beautiful and there was not a dry eye in the room.  But those tears were happy tears.  He thanked his family and friends for a good life....sticking by him when he lost his job...celebrating holidays together...he thanked his children for making him proud and he ended by saying "Love Often, Live Often, Laugh Often" and now go have a cold beer for me and some rice and beans".   Thank you Mr. "G", you inspired me to "Love Often, Live Often and Laugh Often" and write my own eulogy.


Ginger Girl